About Us:




Jan and Bridgette have over 25 years of residential and commercial interior design experience. Their combined passion and love for beautiful interiors drives them to deliver superb results for their clients.  They transform a client's request into a space that is a combination of their varied expertises and the requested goals.  In doing so, a harmonious, sophisticated and inviting space that is everlasting is achieved. 





Our Mission Statement

To help our clients navigate through life's transitions today, while creating beautiful designs for their tomorrows.


Jan Jernoske

Graduated with a BS in Fashion Merchandising from The University of Bridgeport. She also is a graduate in Interior Design from The Metropolitian Institute of Interior Design. Her combined background of fashion and design means she is comfortable utilizing color, textiles and styles. Jan’s design philosophy is blending form, function and creativity to achieve an eclectic and transitional look that is timeless. 

Bridgette Gottlieb

Graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a BFA in Interior Design. She has experience in both residential and commercial design. Her extensive travels and time living abroad have exposed her to many cultures and lifestyles. It is through her focused eye for detail and worldly sense of style that she is able to incorporate a look that is both transitional and truly unique.